Secret mission Vitkov is a unique outdoor game in a style of Real Life Escape Game. We created a new kind of game for those who want to live an adventurous and interesting life, face new challenges and test their quick thinking and creativity. Set out on a mission you will have to accomplish within 1-3 hours. To successfully finish your mission, you will be given a locked bags filled with mysteries, codes and brain-twisters. You have to do the rest…

Our story takes place in Czechoslovakia during communist times. The resistance hid secret informations on the way to Vitkov which could dramatically influence the political developments in the Soviet Union. These informations are very well hidden and are not easy to track down. Someone made really sure that they will never be founded by the wrong person!

Your TEAM has been chosen as the perfect spies for this unique mission. Your task is to find and deliver all the informations that must never get into the hands of KGB agents. You have 180 minutes to complete this task. Get ready for a thrilling adventure and discover whether these secret informations could truly cause a regime change of history.

  • 2-3 hours full of fun, adrenaline and adventure (time depends on your skills)
  • The game is designed for teams of 2 to 6 players
  • You get special equipment for the trip (the start and end of the game is in the same place)
  • Original logic tasks, puzzles and mysteries
  • Beautiful views of Prague
  • The route is moderately difficult (you will walk about 3-4 km)
  • Location: Vítkov Memorial, Žižkov, Prague


Group of 2 people – 1290CZK / 55 Euro          Group of 3 to 6 people – 1590CZK / 65 Euro

On spot refundable deposit 1000CZK/ 40EUR for rented equipment. More here.

Minutes To Finish Your Mission