Life will never be the same after you will visit our coolest escape room ever!

Travel through time and space

Explore our unique universe where gaming and having fun is the only way of life. Test your skills and fight against the time with us.

Puzzle all the clues

Sometimes you don’t have to look any further, use your brain cells and conect the clues together. Use your instincts and don’t get misled by the sneaky traps.

Find a way out

You will have to use all your senses to map out your plan and discover how to get out of the room in time.

Find out who's the leader

Each person in the group will play his own role. Find out more about your friends and your self during this amazing hour full of fun.

One Of A Kind

Our rooms are authentic and one of a kind. Be prepared for sophisticated clues and riddles, secret passage ways, hidden compartments and unique interior design. An experience like this you won’t find anywhere else.

Happy guests

Our visitors simply love our mind maze rooms. We are sure that you will enjoy it also. To prove that we stay behind these words we offer a money back guarantee.

Breakout Prague is a “Real Life Escape Game” where players end up being locked in a specially designed room under mysterious circumstances. The objective is to solve the mystery by finding hidden objects, answering riddles and solving puzzles by connecting the missing links. Players will have to use their intellect, intuition and their sixth sense to make a successful escape and win the challenge. Unfortunately players do not have all the time in the world to do that!

Each room has a unique storyline and 60 minutes time restriction to complete. As a player, you’ll be living and breathing the story. Can you figure out your ending before time runs out?

Hangout with friends! Disconnect from the WEB! Live the life!
Perfect team-building for teams and co-workers.
Can be an unforgettable date!
Our quests can be given as gifts. We have cool gift-cards.
Open Danger Door With Radiation Caution Sign In Old Technology Building

Our recent reviews:

Five people – 52 minutes – victory.

We had so much fun with the puzzles, and the environment was really well created. Just challenging enough, and we clocked it in 52 minutes. Host was exceptional and really friendly. Great quick activity with mates, can imagine it would be excellent as small team building activity also. Well done guys, five stars!

Tommy Baker

Thrilling experience!

Definitely in the top 3 things I have ever done. Recommend this to anyone that comes to Prague or lives in there! It is challenging and brain candy enough to make you feel you are solving a real puzzle. The music and game feel are top notch. Highly recommend as a group activity. Puzzles are pretty hard though.

Brenda Cummings

Great fun with strangers

My friend and I decided to “Czech” this out at the last minute. We booked the game with another couple from our hostel and together we were able to escape with only 3 minutes remaining! It was a true test of teamwork and communication and I think we all played equal parts in order to come out of the room in time.

I am looking forward to the company opening more escape rooms, with different themes. We will definitely be back!

Russell Chamber