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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Breakot Prague" all about?

Breakout Prague is a “Real Life Escape Game” where players end up being locked in a specially designed room under mysterious circumstances. The objective is to solve the mystery by finding hidden objects, answering riddles and solving puzzles by connecting the missing links. Players will have to use their intellect, intuition and their sixth sense to make a successful escape and win the challenge. Unfortunately players do not have all the time in the world to do that!

Each room has a unique storyline and 60 minutes time restriction to complete. As a player, you’ll be living and breathing the story. Can you figure out your ending before time runs out? Your Challenge Master will be present at all times – they may help you sometimes if you are nice to them :)

What is Outdoor Real-Life Escape Game?

A unique outdoor game in a style of escape game. We created a new kind of game for those who want to live an adventurous and interesting life, face new challenges and test their quick thinking and creativity.

Set out on a mission you will have to accomplish within 1-3 hours. To successfully finish your mission, you will be given a locked bags filled with mysteries, codes and brain-twisters. You have to do the rest…

Our unique game will not only entertain you and make you use your brain, but it will also lead you to Prague’s magical secluded places. The game is a combination of fun, adrenalin, once in a lifetime experiences and time spent with friends or family.

Where the concept comes from?

The concept of a real-time LIVE game is fairly new to the world. Initially, the escape game was in the form of apps on computers, tablets and smart phones. The LIVE game experience started from Budapest and has now spread throughout Asia, Europe and the US. This concept has been well-received all over the world and has been ranked amongst the top 5 things to do in many big cities like London or Bangkok including Prague. Breakout Prague is unique as our game design, storylines, codes & puzzles are products of our own imagination and creativity. We are proudly the only ones in Prague to offer the escape experience in a replica of a real soviet communist bunker.

How long does the game go for?

You have 60 min to solve the clues and escape from the room. Event duration is around 1.5 hours (Including the introduction and the solution walkthrough).

What if we fail to get out in 60 minutes?

If you fail to get out, don’t worry, we will let you out. At this point, you will have two choices.

1: Is to show you the way out, meaning to let you know about the clues you missed, or 2: To try again with a discounted price. We can’t guarantee you will be able to get back on the same day, but we’ll give you the opportunity to schedule another fascinating 60 min of your life.

How many people can play the game?

Minimum is 2 people. Max capacity for each game is 6 people.

What if I want to try it by myself only?

By the game’s nature, teamwork is really important. All participants need to cooperate and work as one team to solve the mystery. If you are a single player, please get in touch with us and we will try to tailor the room just for you.

What happened when I show up late?

If you fail to show up on time, we are unable to let you into the game room. We don’t want to disturb other players who already started the game. Please make sure to show up on time.

How do you play?

Our game master will explain everything that you need to know about the game. Don’t worry you will get it 🙂

How old do you have to be to play?

Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to enjoy the game to its fullest.

How much it costs?

Couples pay only 1090 CZK. For group of 3 to 6 people you pay 1350 CZK.

What is our money-back guarantee?

Because we believe so strongly in the quality of our escape rooms, we offer a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. If you are dissatisfied with your escape game experience for any reason, contact us and we will refund your money.

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